Fantasy Football Writers Wanted

FF Nation is an up and coming fantasy football site. We’ve had an excellent first year and our stats have proven that people are reading, interacting and sharing our content.

FF Nation is looking to expand and add more fantasy football writers. Yes you! We are looking for people who have a passion for fantasy football and have the ability to put together a few paragraphs covering the NFL. We mostly cover the fantasy aspect, but we love having editorial writers to add to our diversity.

Why write for FF Nation?

  • We give you more exposure and help build your name in the sports writer’s community.
  • Flexible with your creativity. There are no strict guidelines and assignments are not dictated. You write what you’re passionate about.
  • We help you hone your writing skills and develop your talent.
  • Access to our network of fantasy football writers to improve your brand.


  • 1 article per week minimum (during the NFL off-season this changes to bi-weekly)


If interested please contact Jason Nation at

Thank you!

Jason Nation


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